FCF US Quality ETF

Cboe: TTAC

Listed September 28, 2016

The FCF US Quality ETF (TTAC) is actively managed utilizing a blend of quantitative modeling and fundamental analysis. It invests in U.S. stocks with strong free cash flow characteristics, seeking to generate long-term returns in excess of the total return of the Russell 3000 Index, with manageable risk:

  • Disciplined and consistent investment process driven by quantitative models.
  • Access to high quality companies identified by free cash flow research.
  • ESG considerations beyond company fundamentals are an integral part of the high quality decision.

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About FCF Advisors

FCF Advisors is the global leader in free cash flow-based investment strategies. No one else analyzes companies like we do. We have redefined what constitutes a quality company through the lens of the Free Cash Flow Quality Model. The depth and rigor of our intellectual property results in a product suite that can’t be replicated. Our team of industry experts are accessible and committed to building a mutually successful partnership with clients.