Cambria Value and Momentum ETF

Cboe: VAMO

The Cambria Value and Momentum ETF (CBOE BZX: VAMO) utilizes a quantitative approach to actively manage a portfolio of domestic equities. Value factors have long been emphasized by investors as key predictors of a companys strength. Likewise, momentum factors have historically been complementary to a portfolio sorted on value. Value and Momentum combines the two factors and additionally can tactically hedge the equity portfolio with strict risk control methods that are completely systematic. The manager believes that a focus on all three factors value, momentum, and tactical hedging, produces a portfolio of companies that offer strong characteristics, with the potential added benefit of lower volatility and protecting against market downturns.

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About Cambria Investment Management

Cambria Investment Management, LP, based in Los Angeles, California, is a SEC registered investment management firm employing a disciplined multi-asset, global quantitative research process. Cambria provides investment management services through a number of portfolio strategies to high net worth individuals and institutions through exchange traded funds, separately managed accounts and private funds. Cambria is also the investment manager of the Cambria Emerging Shareholder Yield ETF (BATS: EYLD), the Cambria Global Value ETF (NYSE: GVAL), the Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yield ETF (NYSE: FYLD), the Cambria Global Momentum ETF (NYSE: GMOM), the Cambria Global Asset Allocation ETF (GAA), the Cambria Value and Momentum ETF (NYSE: VAMO), and the Cambria Sovereign High Yield Bond ETF (SOVB). Cambria believes that any single style or approach that relies on subjective methods can be inconsistent over time, may bias the investment process, and potentially hinder performance. Global diversification through asset allocation, coupled with prudent risk management, is the foundation of Cambria's investment philosophy.