Cboe U.S. Options Fee Schedules

Effective July 10, 2024

Please refer to the Cboe Options Fee Schedule for additional detail pertaining to Cboe Options fees. Please contact the Trade Desk or your Business Development contact for support or with any questions.

Fee Codes and Associated Fees:

Fee CodeDescriptionFee/(Rebate)
BABroker-Dealer, Away Market-Maker, Manual 0.25
BBNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, Electronic, Penny 0.47
BCNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, Electronic, Non-Penny 0.75
BDNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, AIM Agency 0.20
BENon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, Sector Indexes 0.40
BGNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, MXACW, MXUSA, MXWLD 0.20
BKNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, Electronic, Non-AIM, RUT Family 0.65
BMNon-Customer, Non-MarketMaker, Non-Firm, MRUT 0.04
BRNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, OEX, XEO and VIX 0.40
BSNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, Manual, AIM, RUT Family 0.25
BTNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, SPX, SPESG 0.42
CACustomer, Removes liquidity, >=100 contracts, ETF 0.18
CBCustomer, Index 0.18
CCCustomer, XSP, >=10 contracts 0.07
CDCustomer, Removes liquidity, <100 contracts, ETFFree
CECustomer, Adds liquidity, ETFFree
CGCustomer, MXACW, MXUSA, MXWLD 0.05
CICustomer, ProCustomer, Combo portion of an index combo order execution, VIXFree
CKCustomer, Equity, ETFFree
CMCustomer, MXEA 0.25
CNCustomer, MXEF 0.25
COCustomer, OEX, XEO 0.35
CPCustomer, Sector Indexes 0.30
CQCustomer, MRUT 0.02
CRCustomer, RUT family 0.18
CSCustomer, Premium <$1.00, SPX, SPESG 0.36
CTCustomer, Premium >=$1.00, SPX, SPESG 0.45
CVCustomer, Premium $0.00-$0.10, VIX, Simple 0.10
CWCustomer, Premium $0.11-$0.99, VIX, Simple 0.25
CXCustomer, Premium $1.00-$1.99, VIX, Simple 0.40
CYCustomer, Premium >=$2.00, VIX, Simple 0.45
CZCustomer, Premium $0.00-$0.10, VIX, Complex 0.05
DACustomer, Premium $0.11-$0.99, VIX, Complex 0.17
DBCustomer, Premium $1.00-$1.99, VIX, Complex 0.30
DCCustomer, Premium >=$2.00, VIX, Complex 0.45
EFEquity Leg - FOGFree
ELEquity Leg - LibuckiFree
EPEquity Leg - PenserraFree
EQEquity Leg - Cowen (capped at $50/execution) 0.001
ESEquity Leg - SRTFree
FAFirm, Manual 0.20
FBFirm, Electronic, Penny 0.43
FCFirm, Electronic, Non-Penny 0.70
FDFirm, AIM Agency 0.20
FFFirm FacilitationFree
FHFirm, Underlying Symbol List A 0.26
FIFirm, Sector IndexesFree
FKFirm, VIX 0.25
FMFirm, MRUT 0.02
FSNon-Customer, Manual, Merger, Short Stock Interest, Reversal, Conversion and Jelly Roll Strategies, Equity, ETFFree
GACustomer, Market-Maker, Firm, RUT, Flex Micro 0.009
GBNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, Manual, AIM, RUT, Flex Micro 0.009
GCNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, Electronic, Non-AIM, RUT, Flex Micro 0.012
GDNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Non-Firm, SPX, Flex Micro 0.009
GECustomer, Firm, SPX, Flex Micro 0.008
GFMarket-Maker, SPX, Flex Micro 0.006
GGCustomer, MXEA, MXEF, DJX, Flex Micro 0.004
GHMarket-Maker, MXEA, MXEF, DJX, Flex Micro 0.005
GINon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, MXEA, MXEF, Electronic, Flex Micro 0.01
GJNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, DJX, Electronic, Flex Micro 0.007
GKNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, MXEA, MXEF, DJX, Manual, AIM Agency, Flex Micro 0.005
GLNon-Customer, MXEA, MXEF, DJX, AIM Contra, Flex Micro 0.003
GMNon-Customer, DJX, AIM Response, Flex Micro 0.007
GNNon-Customer, MXEA, MXEF, AIM Response, Flex Micro 0.013
MAMarket-Maker, Electronic 0.23
MBMarket-Maker, Manual 0.35
MCMarket Maker, Electronic, Contra Customer, XSP 0.15
MDMarket-Maker, AIM Responder 0.25
MGMarket-Maker, MXACW, MXUSA, MXWLD 0.10
MIMarket-Maker, VIX, Contra Order Quantity >=5000 Contracts, >=3 Legs, Manual 0.05
MMMarket-Maker, MRUT 0.03
MPMarket Maker, Manual, XSP 0.15
MRMarket-Maker, OEX, XEO 0.20
MSMarket-Maker, SPX, SPESG 0.28
MTMarket-Maker, RUT only 0.30
MVMarket-Maker, Premium $0.00-$0.10, VIX 0.05
MWMarker-Maker, Premium >=$0.11, VIX 0.23
MXMarket Maker, Electronic, Contra Non-Customer and Adding Liquidity, XSP 0.09
MYMarket Maker, Electronic, Contra Non-Customer and Removing Liquidity, XSP 0.14
NBNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, AIM Response, Penny 0.50
NCNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, AIM Response, Non-Penny 1.05
NMMarket-Maker, NANOS 0.01
NNNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, NANOS 0.01
NOCustomer, NANOSFree
QCCustomer, Professional, QCCFree
QNNon-Customer, Non-Professional, QCC 0.18
RDCustomer, Routed to AMEX, BOX, EDGX, MIAX, PHLX, ETF, Equity (excl SPY to PHLX) 0.25
RFCustomer, Routed to ARCA, BX, BZX, C2, ISE, GMNI, MERC, EMLD, PERL, NOM, MEMX, ETF, Equity, Penny (incl SPY to PHLX) 0.75
RICustomer, Routed to ARCA, BX, BZX, C2, ISE, GMNI, MERC, EMLD, PERL, NOM, MEMX, ETF, Equity, Non-Penny 1.25
RJNon-Customer, Routed, Penny 1.17
RKNon-Customer, Routed, Non-Penny 1.45
RRNon-Customer, Routed, RUT 1.25
RSCustomer, Routed, Index 0.48
RVReversal TradeFree
SCCompression TradeFree
STCompression Service TradeFree
TDCustomer, Routed, >=100 contracts, ETF, Originating on Exchange-sponsored terminal 0.18
TECustomer, Routed, < 100 contracts ETF, Equity, Originating on Exchange-sponsored terminalFree
TSCustomer, Routed, Index, Originating on Exchange-sponsored terminal 0.18
WAProfessional Customer, Manual 0.12
XBNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Electronic, Contra Non-Customer and Removing Liquidity, XSP 0.50
XCCustomer, XSP, <10 contracts (0.13)
XFNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Electronic, Contra Customer or Contra Non-Customer and Adding Liquidity, XSP 0.30
XNNon-Customer, Non-Market-Maker, Manual, XSP 0.30
YBAIM Contra, Index 0.07
YCAIM Contra, Equity, ETF 0.07