Other Services

We enhance our trading offering with safeguards and web tools to give firms easy, online access to the information they need, when they need it.

Innovative Tools to Manage Risk

Fundamental to ensuring markets remain resilient is a multi-layered approach to risk management, including various risk checks in place both at the customer and exchange level through the life of an order.

Cboe Europe Equities (Cboe) offers customers a suite of risk management tools designed to help mitigate risk, which helps to keep markets orderly and safe.

Click here for details about our Risk Management tools.

Online Participant Portal

Cboe is committed to developing the best online data and tools to make doing business with us easy. The Online Participant Portal was created to provide our Participants straightforward order look-up capabilities, port monitoring, price improvement data, trading statistics and market share information.

This portal is a comprehensive suite of value-added tools designed specifically to give Participants easy, online access to the information they need including: a ports dashboard to monitor operational efficiency; real-time latency monitoring to analyse order statistics; order activity, statistics and lookup capabilities.

Additional Services

  • Participant Trade Prevention: Allows firms to avoid unintentional trading with their firm.
  • Sponsored Access: Allows trading firms to be sponsored by current Participants and interact with liquidity on the Cboe markets.
  • Billing Process: Customised invoices by currency and/or trading desk within your firm.