Order Books

Deep and liquid continuous order books

Deep and Liquid Continuous Order Books

Cboe Europe Equities offers six continuous order books (3 lit books, 3 dark books) with different pricing structures to support a variety of investor types and diverse trading dynamics. These include:

Lit Order Book

Cboe's lit order books provide visible and non-displayed order types with a price-time priority.

There are four categories of order types on our lit order books:

  • Visible orders
  • Hidden orders
  • Peg orders
  • Interbook orders

Dark Order Books

Cboe's dark order books provide mid-point matching with time priority matching designed to minimise information leakage. They are separate dedicated order books offering the same securities, clearing, markets traded and core trading hours as the lit books.

The dark order books have two order types:

  • Midpoint peg orders
  • Minimum acceptable quantity

Interbook Orders

Access multiple order books through a single order

Cboe's interbook order types are designed to be a simple solution for Participants to access multiple Cboe order books via a single order. These order types include: Dark Lit Sweep, Lit Sweep, Dark Sweep, and Dark to Periodic Auctions Book Sweep. These orders offer the most opportunities of execution in the specified type of liquidity (lit, dark, Periodic Auctions) with a single order without routing to external venues.

Interbook Orders Overview

European Equities Market Statistics

Cboe provides a variety of robust, real-time data and market statistics for the markets it operates. Cboe also provides an unparalleled view of the overall European equities market through its market volume summary page.

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Cboe Europe Equities Market Guide

General Information, Order Types and Reference Data for the Cboe Markets.

Market Guide

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For additional information on Cboe's order book services, contact the Sales team: [email protected], +44 20 7012 8906.