VIX Futures


Symbol Expiration Last Change High Low Settlement Volume
^VIX - 46.80 -4.11 52.29 46.74 - -
VX14J20 04/08/2020 47.85 0.35 48.00 46.35 46.2500 3
VXJ20 04/15/2020 45.10 -2.70 49.05 44.15 44.9250 48382
VX16J20 04/22/2020 48.50 0.00 45.05 45.10 44.2250 0
VX17J20 04/29/2020 44.70 0.00 43.40 43.55 42.6250 0
VX18K20 05/06/2020 0.00 0.00 42.70 43.20 42.1000 0
VX19K20 05/13/2020 0.00 0.00 42.05 42.65 41.5250 0
VXK20 05/20/2020 41.10 -1.40 43.20 40.55 40.9000 36351

VIX Futures

Introduced in 2004 on Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE), VIX futures provide market participants with the ability to trade a liquid volatility product based on the VIX Index methodology. VIX futures reflect the market's estimate of the value of the VIX Index on various expiration dates in the future. VIX futures provide market participants with a variety of opportunities to implement their view using volatility trading strategies, including risk management, alpha generation and portfolio diversification.

VIX Weeklys Futures

VIX Weeklys futures began trading on CFE in 2015 and provide market participants with additional opportunities to establish short-term VIX positions and to fine-tune the timing of their hedging and trading activities.

Weekly expirations for VIX futures are generally listed on Thursdays (excluding holidays) and expire on Wednesdays. CFE may list up to six consecutive weekly expirations for VIX futures. VIX Weekly futures generally have the same contract specifications as monthly expiring VIX contracts. See Contract Specifications for VIX Futures for more information.

VIX Market Data

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Settlement of VIX Derivatives

The VIX Index settlement process is patterned after the process used to settle A.M.-settled S&P 500 Index options. The final settlement value for Volatility Derivatives is determined on the morning of their expiration date (usually a Wednesday) through a Special Opening Quotation ("SOQ") of the VIX Index. By providing market participants with a mechanism to buy and sell SPX options at the prices that are used to calculate the final settlement value for Volatility Derivatives, the VIX Index settlement process is "tradable."

Trade CFE

CFE is a designated contract market approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). It opened for trading in March 2004. CFE is an all-electronic, open access market model and all contracts traded on CFE are cleared by The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC).

CFE futures contracts (other than security futures) must be held in a futures account and can be traded either directly or through a broker.

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