Other Rule Filings Incorporated by Reference

Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc. ("BZX"), Cboe BYX Exchange, Inc. ("BYX"), Cboe EDGA Exchange, Inc. ("EDGA") and Cboe EDGX Exchange, Inc. ("EDGX") (collectively known as the "Exchanges") have incorporated certain rules by reference from other self-regulatory organization ("SRO") rulebooks. As such, the Exchanges will periodically provide updates where applicable when there are new proposals or approvals to amend these incorporated rules by the other SROs. The Rule Filings are not effective until approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), with the exception of certain types of rule filings that may take effect upon filing with the SEC if they meet the conditions specified under Section 19 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 19b-4 thereunder. Below are descriptions of the Exchanges' rules incorporated by reference from other SROs, along with any current proposals/approvals filed by the SROs.

Cboe Rule Filings to Amend Cboe Margin Requirement Rules / NYSE Rule Filings to Amend NYSE Margin Requirement Rules

Pursuant to BZX and EDGX Rule 28.3:

  • "An Options Member or associated person must be bound by the initial and maintenance margin requirements of either Cboe Options Exchange ("Cboe") or the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") as the same may be in effect from time to time.
  • Such election shall be made in writing by a notice filed with the Exchange.
  • Upon the filing of such election, an Options Member or associated person shall be bound to comply with the margin rules of the Cboe or the NYSE, as applicable, as though said rules were part of the Rules."

As a result of Rule 28.3, changes to Cboe or NYSE margin requirements could have an impact on a member’s compliance with the rule. Accordingly, below are links to pending Cboe and/or NYSE rule filings with the SEC seeking to amend margin requirements as well as any SEC orders approving or disapproving those rule filings.


Proposal to permit the closing mark for certain index options to be calculated 15 minutes prior to the close of trading.


Proposal to renew the Credit Options Margin Pilot.


Proposal to amend Rule 12.3 by extending the Credit Option Margin Pilot Program through January 17, 2017.Approval Order


Proposed rule change to amend rules related to margin requirements for covered calls and puts.Approval Order


Proposal to amend Rule 12.3 by extending the Credit Option Margin Pilot Program through January 15, 2016.


Proposed rule change to amend certain margin rules for volatility index options.Approval Order


Proposed rule change to correct a numbering error in CBOE Rule 12.3, Margin Requirements, that was unintentionally created.
Approval Order


Proposed Rule to Amend the Provisions of Rule 12.3 to adopt universal spread margin rules Approval Order