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Cboe Europe (Cboe) is pleased to announce further dates for the launch of the Cboe Europe Derivatives Exchange (CEDX) environment and make Participants aware of resources available. As previously announced, the Certification environment has been available since Monday 19th October 2020 with functionality being added incrementally to allow Participants to test as early as possible. Participants are encouraged to regularly check the Participant Testing Page for updates.

Key Dates

Date Milestone Comments
Available Certification CEDX environment available. CEDX Certification has been available for Early Participant Testing since 19th October 2020. Participants are able to request connectivity to Certification CEDX FIX and BOE Order Entry ports as well as ODROP, FIXDROP and Purge Ports using the Logical Port Request tool.
Available Participant Certification available online on the Cboe Web Portal. All Participants are required to complete certification prior to being allowed to access the CEDX production environment. For details please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager.
Available Physical Connectivity for CEDX available for request. All Participants require new Physical Connectivity in PROD to access CEDX. You can request this by contacting NOC Europe with your requirements.
Available Logical Production Ports available for Request. Participants can request connectivity to Production CEDX FIX and BOE Order Entry ports as well as ODROP, FIXDROP and Purge Ports using the Logical Port Request tool.
Available Delivery of Physical Connectivity for CEDX begins.
Available Logical Production Ports available for Full Participant Testing. Participants can now test connectivity and enter Orders and Trade Capture Reports (TCRs) in CEDX PROD. Production ports are available for test symbols only on weekdays (once Participants have successfully completed the required conformance), Multicast heartbeats are also available for Participants to test connectivity.
24 July 2021 Weekend dress rehearsal #1
14 August 2021 Weekend dress rehearsal #2
4 September 2021 Final weekend dress rehearsal
6 September 2021 Go-live date

Software Conformance

Participants will be required to certify their software prior to accessing the Production environment. Conformance tests will be made available in the Conformance Certification Web application effective Monday 22nd March, 2021. Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager for further information on the conformance requirements for Go-Live.

Physical Port Ordering

Participants will not be able to utilize existing Physical Connectivity to Cboe and will require a new physical connection to the CEDX Production Environment. As previously announced, the CEDX Production Environment will be on new Equalised Cable Length (ECL) Infrastructure. Please contact NOC Europe to discuss your Physical Connectivity requirements.

Logical Port Ordering

Participants can request Certification and Production CEDX Market Data, Order Entry ports, Purge Ports as well as ODROP and FIXDROP as per the above dates using the Logical Port Request tool. Participants who require access to the Participant Portal should contact their Account Administrator who will be able to provide the appropriate user privileges or alternatively contact the Cboe Trade Desk.

Production Environment Testing

Certification (UAT) availability
Participants are able to order new ports for the CERT CEDX environment now using the Logical Port Request tool.
Production (PROD) availability
Effective Thursday 1st April, 2021 Participants can begin to order new ports for the Production CEDX environment. Production Ports created before Monday 10th May, 2021 will not be available for network or application level connectivity. Once Participants have successfully passed the required conformance, Production ports will become usable for test symbols only. A series of weekend CEDX dress rehearsals will be conducted. Further details, including the scope of the CEDX weekend dress rehearsals, will follow in the coming weeks.

Product Information

Further information on futures and options contracts can be found at Cboe Europe Derivatives Microsite.


CEDX Price lists can be found in the Price List section of the Cboe Europe Derivatives Document Library.