Borrow Intensity IndicatorsTM

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Cboe Hanweck Borrow Intensity Indicators™ apply machine learning to mine equity options market data at the millisecond level to generate stock borrow rates and term curves in real-time. Predictive analytic screens automatically alert users to rising or easing borrow conditions and detect major movers intraday.

Indicators are constructed from weighted observations across the entire volatility term, providing a novel constant-maturity view across time that can serve as a powerful tool for observing intraday departures from historical patterns.

The dynamic term structure of securities borrow rates provides insight into the intensity and expected duration of stock loan hard-to-borrow conditions in the overnight market.


  • Real-time transparency across the term structure of securities lending rates.
  • Rapid signals on rising shorts and squeezes.
  • Unique insight into multiple financing rates in 20-minute intervals.
  • Valuable data for equity trading strategies and securities lending.

Actionable Insights:

  • Securities Financing Desks
  • Custodian Banks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset Managers

Check out Quantpedia’s newest research paper, Synthetic Lending Rates Predict Subsequent Market Return, with analysis using Cboe Borrow Intensity based synthetic lending rates. Quantpedia finds evidence of valuable information in the Borrow Intensity data, with predictive value on subsequent market returns in the modeled case. Click here to read the independently published whitepaper today.

Major Movers

The Major Movers Top 50 is a limited daily view based upon data from the real-time Borrow Intensity Indicators. Click here to view.

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