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Index News
10 Key Features of the VIX Index and New Mini VIX Futures (VXM)
Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE®) launched trading in Mini Cboe Volatility Index® futures (VXMSM) on Monday, August 10.
The 32nd Annual Russell Index Reconstitution Explained
FTSE Russell Indexes are reconstituted over a multi-week process in accordance to its benchmark methodology on an annual basis.
Federal Reserve Bank’s “Whatever it Takes” Response Impacts U.S. Small-Caps
In an effort to impede the further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), decisions were made to shudder “non-essential”...
What to Know about the Cboe and FTSE Russell Combination
Cboe recently strengthened its strategic relationship with FTSE Russell, a leading provider of market capitalization weighted indices
New SEC-Approved ETF Listing Rule Clears Hurdles for Cboe Issuers
We say this a lot, but that’s only because it’s true: everything we do is guided by our mission to improve the markets and provide a better experience.
New Wilshire Paper Uncovers Where to Find Enhanced Risk-Adjusted Returns
New study highlights volatility risk premium for strategies that sell Russell 2000 options
How to Leverage Social Media to Your Advantage
As presidential candidates prepare to take the debate stage again tonight, we’re almost certain social media will be a buzz with...