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Lyxor US Treasury 1-3Y (DR) UCITS ETF - Acc

(Cboe: U13Cx)

The Lyxor Core US Treasury 1-3Y (DR) UCITS ETF - Acc is a UCITS compliant exchange traded fund that aims to track the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Treasury: 1-3 Year Total Return Index. The index is representative of the performance of US Treasury bonds with maturities of at least 1 year and no more than 3 years, with a minimum outstanding amount of USD 300m. Lyxor ETFs are efficient investment vehicles listed on exchange that offer transparent, liquid and low-cost exposure to the underlying benchmark index.

About Lyxor

Standing among the most experienced ETF providers, Lyxor ranks 3rd in Europe with more than $41 billion of ETF assets under management. Lyxor offers investors a highly flexible opportunity to diversify their allocation across all asset classes (equities, bonds, money markets, commodities) with access to 250 ETFs listed on 12 regulated exchanges across the world. Ranking #2 in terms of liquidity of its ETFs in Europe, Lyxor also commits to performance and tracking efficiency, liquidity and transparency as illustrated by the Lyxor ETF quality charter signed since 2011.

Registered Liquidity Providers

  • Societe Generale London Branch