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Xtrackers US Treasuries Ultrashort Bond UCITS ETF

(Cboe: XTMXx)

Xtrackers US Treasuries Ultrashort Bond UCITS ETF physically replicates the performance of the FTSE US Treasury Short Duration Index. The ETF offers direct investment in short duration US Treasury securities. Settlement: ICSD

About Xtrackers

DWS Xtrackers aims to provide a broad range of efficient, high quality index trackers for investors.

Xtrackers exchange traded funds (ETFs) initially launched in 2007 as a specialist in swap-based index replication. Following a period of rapid growth the Xtrackers ETF platform subsequently evolved into one of Europe's largest providers of physical replication ETFs. DWS Xtrackers has continually developed its ETF suite to provide investors with a comprehensive set of quality investment tools for efficient portfolio allocation.

Today, Xtrackers ETFs are listed on eight stock exchanges globally and have approximately EUR 90 billion in assets under management (as at 30 May, 2019). There are over 170 Xtrackers ETFs available in Europe, covering a wide range of asset classes and investment exposures.

Registered Liquidity Providers

  • FlowTraders B.V.