LHA Market State Tactical Q ETF

Cboe: MSTQ

Listed March 15, 2022

The LHA Market State Tactical Q ETF (Ticker Symbol: MSTQ) seeks long-term out-performance relative to the U.S. large-capitalization growth equity market.

  • The ETF offers exposure to the U.S.-listed large capitalization, growth-oriented companies with a dynamic risk overlay.
  • MSTQ aims to provide upside participation in U.S. large-capitalization growth equities, generally through investment in Nasdaq 100 ETF (Ticker Symbol: QQQ) or the Nasdaq 100 futures contracts.  As volatility increases, the MSTQ aims to provide uncorrelated returns and decrease the impact of falling growth equity markets.
  • Upside Participation: MSTQ seeks to provide index-plus returns in calm and rising U.S. large-capitalization growth equity markets.
  • Downside Reinforcement: MSTQ seeks to preserve capital and provide uncorrelated returns in volatile conditions and falling U.S. growth equity markets.

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