Dimensional International Core Equity 2 ETF

Cboe: DFIC

Listed March 24, 2022

The investment objective of the Dimensional International Core Equity 2 ETF (the "International Core Equity 2 ETF" or "Portfolio") is to achieve long-term capital appreciation.

To achieve the International Core Equity 2 ETFs investment objective, the Advisor implements an integrated investment approach that combines research, portfolio design, portfolio management, and trading functions. As further described below, the Portfolios design emphasizes long-term drivers of expected returns identified by the Advisors research, while balancing risk through broad diversification across companies, sectors, and countries. The Advisors portfolio management and trading processes further balance those long-term drivers of expected returns with shorter-term drivers of expected returns and trading costs.

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About Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors (“Dimensional”) is a global asset manager and provider of non-indexed ETFs. Founded in 1981, Dimensional has over four decades of experience applying academic research to practical investing. Dimensional ETFs draw on our deep experience and expertise to deliver strategies that offer the diversification and transparency benefits of index investing, but go beyond that to target reliable drivers of higher expected returns through systematic yet flexible implementation.